Is there any fee to send nomination's?

No, entry is absolutely FREE.

Can we / I send more than one nomination?

Yes, of course. There is no limit to the number of nominations.

Can we / I use the same form to send multiple entries?

No, you must use a separate form for every nomination.

My company has multiple manufacturing plants. Can I send nominations for more than one plant across various categories?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to send as many nominations as possible. Each entry will be judged separately and it may happen that two of your facilities may actually compete with each other.

The annual turnover of our facility is less than Rs 1,500 crore. So we can send the nomination under the SME segment, right?

You should consider the turnover of the group or the parent company for determining the segment and not the turnover of individual facility or plant. So, please select the segment accordingly. Similarly, if your company is subsidiary or JV company, the turnover for the group or the parent company should be taken into consideration for determining the segment.

I / Our organisation won last year, can we enter again?

Of course, yes. However, your last year's award will have no bearing on this year's nomination in terms of evaluation.

Our organisation is a public sector company, can we enter?

Of course, yes.

What is the last date for sending nominations?

Deadline for sending nominations: 5th September 2019

Who will select the winners?

All valid nominations will be screened and assessed by an eminent team of jury at the jury meet. The jury will select the winners through a rigorous, fair and transparent process. The jury is a group of industry stalwarts with great deal of expertise and experience in their respective fields. Some of them would be part of our editorial advisory board but no jury member will have any commercial connection whatsoever with ITP Media Group or the sponsors of Manufacturing Today Awards 2019.

When and where will the jury meet happen?

Jury meet will happen in September.

Can we / I speak or write to a jury to discuss our / my nomination?

Sorry, no interaction of any kind is allowed with the jury. Any attempt to influence the jury will have your nomination dismissed.

Will you return the nomination and other documents?


When will the winners be announced?

Within a week after the jury hands over the results to us.

When and where is the Awards ceremony?

September, 25, 2019, Taj Santacruz

Will the awards ceremony be covered anywhere?

Yes, the awards ceremony will be extensively covered in the subsequent issue of Manufacturing Today magazine. A special photo-session of each winner and runner-up will take place at the venue. We may also take their quotes.

Will you pay for our / my stay and travel if we are / I am a winner?

No, you will have to bear all your expenses.

We / I have more questions. How do we / I get them answered?

Please feel free to call us. We will be happy to address all your queries.
We are reachable at 022-61546000
Or send an email to rohan.patel@itp.com with your queries.